A ghost is swearing at tourists at one of England's beauty spots, according to a couple.

Couple claim that sweary ghost haunts beauty spot

Couple claim that sweary ghost haunts beauty spot

Christine and Dave Thomas have claimed that the sweary spook haunts an area in Somerset known as Dead Woman's Ditch.

Christine revealed that she was told to ''f**k off'' by the ''nasty, evil'' spirit.

And Dave added that the pair have had multiple encounters with the foul-mouthed ghost.

He said: ''There is definitely something there. My wife has experienced it for a long time.

''There are two types of voices.

''There's the residual memories being replayed which people pick up on without being able to communicate with.

''Then there are voices you can interact with, which you can have an exchange with, which can answer questions.''

The site got its name after Jane Walford was murdered there by husband John in 1789, but it's not known if Jane is the spirit that has been launching foul-mouthed tirades at tourists.