A couple were caught having sex up against a hotel window, in full view of onlookers in a pub.

Couple filmed having sex

Couple filmed having sex

The horny pair got carried away and forgot to shut their curtains leading to them unwittingly giving amused boozers an eye-full as they started getting down and dirty.

Drinkers started to film the raunchy couple and shouted words of encouragement, whilst cheering and clapping.

Unknown to the couple, people walking on street level also saw what they were up to and even people in the adjoining hotel tried to catch a glimpse of the couple in the act.

Although local authorities were made aware, no police report was filed about the case despite it not being known whether the couple left the curtains open on purpose.

The footage went viral on social media and millions of people have seen the couple having sex in the Seo District in South Korea.