A couple were caught having sex on top of a sheep statue in New Zealand.

Couple filmed having sex on statue

Couple filmed having sex on statue

The shocking footage shows the man and woman romping on the work of art even after four young people stopped and heckled the pair, the Metro has reported.

In the clip a man is seen to turn around and wave before carrying on with the open-air love-making.

The 23-year-old male who shot the footage said: ''We were driving around when one of the girls in our car just burst out laughing.

''They were having sex on the sheep. I reckon it was a dare or something. I remember thinking 'what a legend'.

''I've never seen anything like it. One of my friends put it online and everyone was having a laugh, apart from my mum. She didn't like it.''

However the video has sparked outrage among some who find this public display of affection offensive.