A herd of crimefighting cows helped police to catch a car thief.

Crimefighting cows

Crimefighting cows

The driver, Jamie Young, crashed into a ditch and abandoned the stolen white SUV during a car chase in Florida before running into a pasture.

Her passenger Jennifer Kaufman attempted to escape through a different field by foot but did not count on the cows getting involved.

The woman was surrounded by the crimefighting cows until police caught up with her and arrested her.

While the cattle were praised for their actions, cow owner Richard Kondracki believes they simply panicked.

He told Fox News: ''They panicked. The cows were nervous... they don't know them. They don't know if they're there to hurt them, or to steal one of the babies.''

Charges of petty theft, trespassing, and resisting arrest have been made against the pair, along with drug possession charges.