A Dalmatian has given birth to 18 puppies.



Louise Clement was stunned when her dog Nellie gave birth to 18 pups last month, double the typical size of Dalmatian litter.

Nellie gave birth to 10 male and eight female offspring following a 14-hour labour.

Louise had been expecting Nellie to give birth to a number of puppies but ''had no idea'' that it would be so many.

She explained: ''She had a great natural labour, but they just kept on coming.

''I thought she'd stopped after number 15, because it looked like she had lay down to go to sleep. But then along came another one, and two more after that.''

Louise admits she is lucky that she has a large outdoor space for the litter to explore.

She explained: ''Fortunately, we have a lot of outside space and the dogs have lots of things to play with - they've got their own Wendy House, and swings and slides that they love to play on.

''Some sleep in the kitchen, some sleep in the utility, and some sleep in the living room, a couple occasionally join me in bed.''