Doctors pulled an eight-inch screwdriver from a man's rectum.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The unnamed 46-year-old male is said to have pushed the tool far into his anus and left it there for a week.

The patient - who suffers from both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder - underwent a CT scan at Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, Florida, and was found to be suffering life-threatening septic shock.

The screwdriver measured 8.2 inches long by 1.1 inches wide and pierced through the large intestine.

Fortunately, the man fully recovered when he returned for a two-week checkup.

In a report for Annals of Medicine & Surgery, Dr. Youssef Shaban, wrote: ''The patient recovered and was discharged to Behavioral Health for inpatient treatment of his psychiatric disorders. (sic)''