A dog has found a man's genitalia on a beach.

Dog finds penis on beach

Dog finds penis on beach

Julie Edwards was ambling along Brean Beach, in Somerset, with her pet basset hound named Molly, and when the pooch returned to her with a present in her mouth she was not expecting it to be an intact penis and testicles.

Speaking to Somerset Live about the phallic find, the dog walker said: ''I could see she was about to roll something around. It is usually maggots or birds but I stopped her and saw it wasn't that at all. 'It definitely looked human to me. I think it was an intact penis and male testicles.''

Although the sight shocked Julie at first, she soon felt ''upset'' because she realised the member could belong to someone's relative.

She added: ''It was upsetting more later on when you actually think that's it could be someone's relative.''