A dog has campaigned to be the new mayor of a Canadian city.

Dog campaigns to be mayor

Dog campaigns to be mayor

Finn, a five-year-old Australian cattle dog, is following in the footsteps of a cat in Russia, named Barsik, as he is trying to win the position of mayor in St John's in Newfoundland.

And his candidacy was announced on social media.

Finn's campaign video draws attention to issues including potholes as well as snow clearing.

Finn's owner, Glenn Redmond, told the Toronto Sun: ''Finn's a tireless worker. All cattle dogs are. He's my buddy more so than anything but he's trained for a bunch of different behaviours, so we just decided to create some roles for him.''

Despite announcing his next venture on Facebook, Finn's name won't be on the ballot paper as Glenn is believed to have pulled his four-legged friend out of the running.