A dog has been reunited with its owners three years after it went missing.

A dog

A dog

Eileen Russell explained how her dog, Rocky, vanished back in 2018 near their home in Texas where it had been roaming with the family's other pooch.

She told KCEN-TV: "It got dark and he didn't come back but my other dog did. We put posters all over the neighborhood, rode around on my ATV, rode around in the car, looking, looking everywhere for him."

Russell and her family assumed that the dog was gone for good until she stumbled across pictures of the elderly canine in a social media post from the Texas Humane Society.

The group's director Paula Rivadeneira said: "We put that post up and just a little while later this woman Eileen sent us a message and said, 'I think that's my dog, my dogs been missing for three years."