Dogs can tell the difference between two languages.

A pug

A pug

A new study shows that canines are able to differentiate between two separate languages, with a different part of the brain activated for each specific tongue.

This makes pooches the first known non-humans that are capable of doing this and it may have been influenced by co-existing with the human race.

Laura V Cuaya, a researcher at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, said: "Some years ago I moved from Mexico to Hungary and my dog, Kun-kun, came with me. Before, I had only talked to him in Spanish. So I was wondering whether Kun-kun noticed that people in Budapest spoke a different language, Hungarian.

"We know that people, even preverbal human infants, notice the difference. But maybe dogs do not bother.

"It is lovely to know that dogs are such good listeners and that they do their best at understanding us."