A pigeon believed to be drunk was found face-down on a car windscreen on New Year's Day in Russia.

Drunk pigeon slumps on windscreen

Drunk pigeon slumps on windscreen

A man was left stunned when he saw the bird slumped between the bonnet and the windscreen with its head resting against the glass on January 1 - just hours after people around the world had knocked back countless bottles of booze to celebrate the beginning of 2018 - with what appeared to be a hangover.

The gentleman filmed himself as he walked up to the pigeon - on what is thought to be his car - to see whether it was dead before he stroked its feathered in a bid to bring him round to consciousness.

As he prodded the bird, he said: ''Brother, c'mon brother. Wake up, bro! Hey, brother.''

The pigeon then appears to wake up from his daytime nap before flying off into the distance.

Kremlyovskiye kleptokrati commented on the video, writing: ''Like the French say: Pigeons are flying rats. I bet he pecked the vomit of people who celebrated new years, this is how alcohol hit its tiny brain.''

While Igor Orlov said: ''Poor bird, it is simply ill.''

Ermolov added: ''People, stop judging others by your own standards.''

It's not known whether the bird was injured, sick or was simply resting.