Easyjet are launching their first ever album of tracks to lull passengers to sleep.

Easyjet set to rock charts with album of Jet Sounds

Easyjet set to rock charts with album of Jet Sounds

The leading budget airline could bet set to stumble into the charts with 'Jet Sounds'; ''a ground-breaking charity single and album comprised entirely of engine noise''.

The single and extended cut album was recorded at 39,000 feet en-route from London Gatwick to Nice, France and features the sublime harmonics of a pair of CFM56, twin spool, high bypass, turbo fan engines.

The record was inspired by research, which confirms that white noise can help to send people into a deep snooze.

Money raised from the release will go to The Children's Sleep Charity.

Tina Milton, Head of Cabin Crew from easyJet said ''Since the introduction of the NEO with its quieter cabin, we've created a more relaxed environment for our customers. We thought we would share this experience and help our customers get a good night's rest in their own home, whilst helping to raise money to support The Children's Sleep Charity. Who knows we might even become the first airline to hit the UK top 40 single and album charts.''

The album and single will be released on Friday (11.08.17), when you can see for yourself if its a complete snooze fest or not!