An empty hot air balloon has crash landed into a car park, and onlookers are baffled by the incident.

Hot air balloon crash (c) Twitter

Hot air balloon crash (c) Twitter

A group of office workers feared the worst when they saw the scene unfolding before their eyes at Cambridge Research Park.

The staff members rushed over to the site to find the gas canister was still running, but they couldn't find a single person in sight, which sparked concern among the group someone may have fallen out.

Jack Langley, an eyewitness, said: ''I noticed a hot air balloon plummeting from the sky and it landed just shy of our car park.

''We all rushed out to see if anyone was injured, however there was no one to be seen.

''Either they had bailed out and jumped out before crashing or the balloon escaped from its mooning lines.''

Jack also took to social media to document the turn of events.

He tweeted pictures of the crash with the caption: ''Anyone know who dumped their hot air balloon in my works car park @CambridgeNewsUK #crazyday #Monday (sic)''

It has since been reported on BBC News the balloon took off when the pilot tried to secure it to the ground, although he had not entered into the basket yet.