An emu is on the loose in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The antipodean avian bird went missing from the field of Mark Boulcott, who runs Herbrandston & Narberth Dental Health Practices, in the Camrose area and has six of the tall two-legged creatures.

The emu has been missing since November 7.

Mark's son Liam, who works as the practice manager, has warned of how to deal with an emu should they come into contact with the missing animal.

He told The Western Telegraph newspaper: ''They are pretty tame, so if people are gentle they should be able to approach it.

''Obviously, they can run at some speed, so, as long as people don't try to chase them and let us know, we can arrange collection.

''They are not aggressive, just curious and due to size can look a bit intimidating.

''It disappeared last Thursday from what we can tell; we're really sure how. We assumed it jumped over the fence, though we've never seen one do it before.

''It is one of six emus we have. Hopefully it'll turn up, they are difficult to lose.''

They are asking anyone who comes into contact with the emu to call 01646 690580.