A man performed an 'exorcism' on a busy train as a woman screamed ''devil''.



Shocked commuters looked on as the bizarre incident unfolded on the underground in Mexico City.

Footage has surfaced online with the title: ''When you find yourself in the middle of an exorcism on the metro.''

A suited man can seemingly be seen praying in the name of ''Jesus Christ'' to save the woman - who he believes to be possessed - in front of him.

He shouted: ''In the name of Jesus leave!''

Although the woman seemed to agree - shouting ''The blood of Jesus has the power to release me from all my sins'' - she soon lashed out at the man with her umbrella.

However, he told the confused woman: ''I forgive you.''

As she repeatedly shouted ''devil'' over and over again, some passengers could be seen in the clip collecting their belongings and moving down the metro wagon.