A family feared the worst when their ''mischievous'' Rottweiler got stuck on the roof of their house.

Dog escapes

Dog escapes

Micki Pickford and her father Mark were enjoying a drink at their local pub when a neighbour rushed in to tell them their four-year-old pooch, named Cooper, had made its way through their skylight and was standing on the apex of their home and unable to get down safely.

Speaking about the incident to the Mirror Online, Micki said: ''He's a very nosy little Rottweiler. He's quite mischievous.

''He's always going where he's not allowed, but normally he just gets into the fridge - he's never been on the roof before.

''Me and dad had gone for a drink when our neighbour came rushing into the pub and said: 'Your dog's on the roof.'

''Cooper had got into the attic, bashed the skylight open and got out onto the roof but it had closed behind him.''

And in a bid to rescue their four-legged friend Mark leant out the top window to entice Cooper back to safety, whilst his daughter was clutching onto his legs to help him get back inside.