A family were left red-faced after calling the RSPCA out to get rid of a dangerous lizard in their house, which turned out to be a sock.

Sock mistaken for lizard

Sock mistaken for lizard

Vic Hurr from the animal charity went to investigate at the property in Coventry, Northern England and within seconds of shining a light on the mystery creature, he could see it was in fact a sock.

He joked with the young girl whose bedroom the accessory was in to keep a better eye on her clothes and warned her that another ''lizard sock'' will be lurking somewhere as they come in twos.

He told the Metro.co.uk: ''It wasn't moving at all. I got out my torch to see better and that's when I realised it wasn't a lizard at all but a pink stripy sock.

''I advised the young girl whose bedroom it was to tidy her room and to take care of her socks, but not before reminding her that another one will turn up soon as they are usually in pairs.''