A father was furious after his daughter found testicles inside a roast chicken.

Father finds testicles in roast chicken

Father finds testicles in roast chicken

Paul Douglas, 49, was at work when his 14-year-old daughter, Poppy, rang him in panic when she shared the chicken with her younger sisters and thought they were eating maggots, the Metro reported.

Paul said: ''It looked like the meat had gone bad. It's put them off chicken completely. They were queasy last night. All three of them had a bit of the breast.

''It might be completely harmless but it's not fit for human consumption.''

''My 14-year-old texted me asking if she could put the chicken in the oven. It was one of them cook in a bag ones.

''They had eaten half the breast and they found them - it looked like rotten meat.''

After called up Asda to complain, he was told that there be worms living in the poultry and he asked the store whether if the meat would be taken off the shelves.

He said: '''I was told there could be live worms in poultry. I asked if the meat would be taken off the shelves, it could make people ill. It's got to go for an investigation.

''He offered me a refund for the chicken but I said it wasn't good enough. That could be a bad batch of meat.

''It's a sealed bag so you wouldn't have been able to tell. I clocked out from work and lost money, and they offered me a £4 refund.''

It was discovered that the discovery was actually the testicles and were found in the bird's ribcage and could only be seen once the bird has been eaten.

Paul added: '''I might not have even noticed it, It was only because they had done their own. I still feel sick.''