Finnish airline Finnair has decided to change its flight AY666 to HEL to a different number this month.

Flight changes name

Flight changes name

The journey carries passengers from Copenhagen to Helsinki and has been ferrying people for more than a decade but on Friday 13th of October - one of the most superstitious days of the year - the airline decided to retire the flight number, the Metro reports.

A spokesperson said: ''Today will be the final time that our AY666 flight flies to HEL.

''As of October 29, some of our flight numbers in our networks will change and our AY666 flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki will change to AY954.

''In 11 years, we've flown 21 times the AY666 flight to HEL on Friday the 13. We have 15 AY666 flights left before our flight numbers change on October 29.''