A giant fish fell from the sky and smacked a man in the face while he was in a spa pool.

Fish lands of man's face

Fish lands of man's face

Russell Hogg, 32, was in a hot bath in Auckland, New Zealand, when he was left stunned after the huge flounder fish fell from above and landed right on his snozzle.

Russell told Radio New Zealand: ''I was sitting in a hot adult spa pool in Parnell swimming baths. Suddenly I had a smack in the face, followed by a big splash and a loud slap on the water. I was quite confused, so I reached down into the water to see what it was and see what I thought had been thrown at me. I pulled out the flounder and straight away realised that it must have been dropped by a bird in the sky.

''I walked from one side of the complex to the other to show my family, with a crowd following asking questions and we mucked around with it and took a few pictures, then threw it to the birds nearby.

''Everyone was shocked, laughing and suggesting I buy a lottery ticket.

''A couple of local Maori lads were angry that I threw it to the birds as they wanted to cook it on the barbecue.

''It was a bit of a shock and I still can't believe it happened.''