A fishmongers has been shut down after sticking googly eyes to their wares.

Fishmonger shut over fake eyes

Fishmonger shut over fake eyes

A shop in Kuwait has been closed by officials after the owners were caught sticking fake eyes on to their produce - in an attempt to make the fish for sale look fresher than they were.

A local newspaper in Al Bayan exposed the store by sharing a picture of a fish with an eye sticker sliding of the animal's face to reveal a much more yellow surface underneath.

Social media users took to twitter to scorn the fishmonger, who has not been named.

One user wrote: ''The intersection of people who know enough about fish to look at their eyes to judge freshness and people who would be tricked by googly eyes can't possibly be very large?''

Another said: ''should have used a pritt stick if they wanted to get away with the trick.''