A girl brought home crack cocaine from school thinking it was ''teeth''.



Sabrina Straker became suspicious when her four year-old daughter, Serenity, returned home from her school in New York City and showed her tiny plastic containers which the girl believed contained a classmate's lost gnashers, but in fact held deadly drugs.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Sabrina said: ''I told her, 'He needs to put that under his pillow so that the tooth fairy will come', I was examining it, and she brings me more.''

Unsure of what was actually inside, Sabrina took them to a local precinct, where a narcotic detective told her that the vials contained the deadly drug.

Her daughter, who had tasted the ''teeth'', started behaving hyperactively and got taken to the emergency room, where she tested positive for crack cocaine.

The mortified mother added: ''She couldn't stop talking. Even at the hospital, she was still up and going nonstop like the Energizer bunny.''

Yvette Joseph, the director at the Lil Inventors Child Care in the Bronx, told the New York Daily News that someone threw the drugs over the fence and that's how it fell into the hands of one of the children.