A fox had to be rescued after getting its head stuck in a car wheel.

A fox

A fox

The animal had been peeking into a spare wheel but was unable to remove his head as he attempted to get back out.

The unnamed homeowners in Croydon tried to apply grease to his neck to help the fox pull his head through, but this only made the animal more distressed.

They then turned to the RSPCA, who managed to free the animal with the help of some firefighters by cutting through the metal.

RPSCA officer Kirstie Gillard said: ''This poor fox was really struggling to free himself and was terrified, so I knew we had to act quickly.

''His neck had swollen from where he'd been desperately tugging his head, so there was no way he was going to pull himself free.

''Thankfully the London Fire Brigade were able to spare a bit of time to come out to the home, and while we waited, I offered him some water which he was grateful for!''