Superstitious wine lovers won't need to leave their house to get their booze fix on Friday (13.04.18).

Free wine for the superstitious

Free wine for the superstitious

Suffers of paraskevidekatriaphobia - a fear of Friday 13th - are sure to have been dreading the date coming around, but can ease their nerves by embracing their dark side for one day only with a free bottle of Apothic Wine's Apothic Dark.

The company have teamed up with Deliveroo just for the superstitious date to have bottles of the red tipple fetched directly to the door, and with up to 3 million people in the UK not planning to venture outside out of fear of the supposedly unlucky diary date, it's sure to be a popular offer.

One free bottle of Apothic Dark will be given per order and it is to customers within the delivery zone for Deliveroo Off Licence Kennington and Deliveroo Off Licence Notting Hill.

Please visit or the Deliveroo App to check out if you're based near a Deliveroo Shop offering Apothic Dark's special delivery service.

There are 100 bottles of Apothic Dark available at the promotional offer.