A Canadian gardener has broken a world record for the world's heaviest turnip.



Damien Allard has entered the Guinness World Record books after growing the 29-kilogram vegetable - which weighs the same as a 65-inch television or an adult husky.

The giant turnip smashed the previous record of 17.7 kilograms that had been set in 2004.

Allard received confirmation of his record-breaking turnip last week and had been attempting to claim the title since 2016.

He said: "There are eight billion of us on Earth. I'm the only one who managed to make a big turnip like that.

"It's a bit exceptional."

Allard claimed that he had a feeling he would claim the world record when the turnip was unearthed last November.

He explained: "It's been two years that I have been working quite intensely on my turnips. I suspected very strongly that this year was the right one, but I never thought I would have been more than 10 kilos above the old record."