Generation-Z's weirdest financial goals have been revealed, with people born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s wanting to save for bizarre luxury items.

Saving up

Saving up

Unicorn bathrooms, ice machines and even biscuits all break into the top 10 based on new data collected by digital current account Loot, which looked at tens of thousands of accounts to find out what people were saving for.

The company's 'goals' feature lets its users set a target through the app, and save towards it over a certain period of time, and while some of the ambitious are quirky because they're so mundane, others are more unusual luxury items.

Saving for plastic surgery is the most common - with 70 Loot users putting money aside for it - while unicorn-themed items look to be on the rise.

Ollie Purdue, founder and CEO of Loot, said: ''Our mission is to guide and empower people of all ages to use more of their money on things they really care about, and fritter less away on things that don't matter to them.

''Regardless of whether you're saving for a new car or a unicorn bathroom, Loot can help you get there.''

Top 10 strange #LootGoals

1. Unicorn bathroom

2. Unicorn kitchen

3. Hair flicking sessions

4. An ice Machine

5. 40 ft container

6. Airwick air freshener

7. Biscuits

8. Save for pasta

9. Two white shirts

10. Plastic surgeries