A girl was left terrified after being bitten by a hedgehog in her sleep.

Girl left 'screaming in agony' after hedgehog bite

Girl left 'screaming in agony' after hedgehog bite

Elsie, three, was nipped by the prickly creature as she slept alongside mother Chelsey Fowler, and the bite left her ''screaming in agony''.

Fowler told The Sun newspaper: ''It was 4.15 in the morning and my daughter Elsie was in bed with me and she woke up screaming and holding her leg.

''In a blind panic I grabbed her leg to find out what was wrong, and this hedgehog was hanging off her baby toe.

''I panicked because I didn't expect there to be a hedgehog. I pushed it off her foot and it scarpered under the wardrobe.''

The mum-of-four added that Elsie was left ''hysterical'' after her encounter with the ''massive'' creature.

Chelsey explained: ''Elsie was absolutely hysterical bless her, she'd never seen a hedgehog before or even knew what it was.

''I can't imagine if it had gone into the cot with Gracie sleeping in there, she was quite a big lady this hedgehog. She is massive.''