A goldfish which was rescued from a fire has died.

Goldfish dies after surviving house blaze

Goldfish dies after surviving house blaze

Rusty the freshwater fish had already defied odds by being revived after a blaze broke out at his owner Ena Woolford's home.

However, the pet has now gone to heaven, leaving the 92 year old with a ''big space in the tank''.

Ena told Metro.co.uk: She said: ''The fish was floating on its side but the fireman told my daughter to get a bowl of cold water which she did.

''He kept twirling the water around him quite fast, and the fish responded and he's been fine ever since.

''The other morning I got up and he'd gone.

''It's very sad but he had a good life, and I felt a bit silly admitting to missing a goldfish, but he's left a big space in the tank!''