A grandmother on a mobility scooter had a stand off with a huge truck on a narrow road.

Truck trouble

Truck trouble

An 80-year-old woman, named Ann Orchard, was stunned when she was met with a 10 tonne truck on a narrow country lane in Kent, and even though there was a lay by for the truck to pull into both drivers refused to move.

The elderly lady was adamant she was not going to cave in and allow the larger vehicle to pass by, and for 10 minutes Ann stood her ground and did not budge.

Speaking about the moment to Metro Online, Ann's daughter Helen Martin, said: ''The pavement over the bridge is too narrow and is cobblestoned so she can't use it as it shakes her chair too much. Every time she goes to the bottom end of the village she has to go on the road. Even when I push her in the wheelchair we have to use the road. A lot of drivers are really nice and will stop and let you go. We'd just come back from the doctors and I was walking on the path while she went on the road. We work as a team. It was clear so I told her to go.''

However, Ann was forced to give in and had to reverse to allow the vehicle through, much to her annoyance.

Helen continued: ''He could see mum, but he didn't care. He could have gone into the lay by. I shook my head at him and then he started swearing at me. He was so rude.''