A grandmother bought home a pack of condoms after mistaking them for teabags.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Rosemarie Riley was left red-faced after purchasing the 30-pack of Durex on a trip to Asda, where she was intending to pick up a few essentials. She claims that she forgot her glasses and the mistake was brought to her attention by her husband.

Rosemarie, 76, said: ''I was mortified. My husband was more upset because I'd spent £17 on them.

''I just threw everything on to the conveyor belt and shoved them in a bag. I didn't think.

''I suppose the lady should have said 'have you made a mistake?' She must have thought I was a bit raunchy.

''My husband normally does all the shopping but he's not very well. I don't care, I just grab whatever's there, I'm a terrible shopper.''

Rosemarie latter begged her granddaughter, Gemma, to return the items, which left the 29-year-old ''howling'' with laughter.