A Greggs store was transformed into a nightclub to celebrate Fresher's Week for University-goers.

Greggs club

Greggs club

The Birmingham branch of the popular franchise was turned into a club for over 50 students within three hours, as part of the brands bid to give new and returning students to Birmingham University a warm welcome.

And the idea originated from a 21-year-old named Nikki Gardner, who is studying at the institution, and she was granted a VIP guest list for a select list of friends for the pop up bash.

Greggs kitted out their store with a sound system, club lighting, as well as inflatable pieces in the shape of different delicacies, including pizza slices and doughnuts.

But a party hosted by the much loved chain restaurant wouldn't be the same without some hot pastries, which is why Gregg's dished out free savoury treats and sugar coated doughnuts to their guests.

And fellow students have taken to social media to praise Nikki for her clever-thinking.

One wrote on Facebook: ''BEST PARTY EVER!! Legends. Thanks for the rave Steak bakes rule (sic)''