A group of friends made a swimming pool in the back of a car to combat the scorching heat.

Portable pool

Portable pool

A collection of four friends create the make shift swimming area in the back of a pick-up truck and enjoyed the rays whilst still staying cool as they were escorted around the town of Almaty in south east Kazakhstan.

And a video of the pals relaxing in the back, and splashing motorists with water has gone viral on social media.

However, the Mirror Online has reported that police officers are currently trying to track down the driver of the vehicle who is reportedly set to be hit with a large fine for putting his passengers at risk.

An unnamed spokesperson for the local forces said: ''This is purely the driver's responsibility although the men who were passengers were clearly foolish.

''Against all the established rules he put the life and health of his passengers on the line. Sadly despite tragic accidents it does not seem to serve as a lesson for certain motorists.''