Firefighters came to the rescue of a hedgehog after it was trapped in a fence.

Hedgehog blunder

Hedgehog blunder

The local fire brigade came to the aid of the tiny creature on Thursday (12.10.17) in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, after it was found trapped in between the two metal bars in the barrier surrounding a football pitch, the Metro Online has reported.

A passer-by noticed the feeble animal was unable to move and was at risk of being attacked by predators, and decided to make the call to help the four-legged mammal.

The fire brigade hacked away at the two poles blocking the hedgehog's path to help the animal to break free.

The person who spotted the hedgehog in need decided to take it under their wing and nurse the animal back to full health following the traumatic experience and kept the spiked creature under a pile of leaves in the garden.

Hedhog expert, Tinus Habich, has confirmed this is a common occurrence.

Tinus said: ''When a hedgehog smells food, this is all he can think about at that moment. They do not think about danger, and that's why they often get into trouble.

''Hedgehogs cannot walk backwards either, and their spines also prevent it, which is why I have already seen so many of them stuck in all kinds of pipes. I would advise people to make sure such openings are closed off.''