A herd of cows was spotted wandering down a street in Wales.

A cow

A cow

The bizarre sight was filmed by 12-year-old Noah Williamson and showed the animals stampeding on a residential street in Gower.

One animal had even managed to get a plastic chair caught on its head.

Noah's mother, Stephanie, said: ''Noah was with his older brother Sam and I'm just glad they had the sense to stay out of the way in someone's drive to avoid the stampede.

''The cow with the chair on its head has given us all a good giggle though, and the cow has since had the chair removed, so it is fine and there's no harm done.''

Angharad Williams, whose family owns the cows, confirmed that the animal was able to remove the chair.

She explained: ''The cows roam, and we got the call from someone to say there was a cow with a chair on its head.

''The cow was fine. He pulled it off himself.''