A pair of hikers discovered a wedding ring whilst on a mountain.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Tom Gately and Brendan Cheever found the special piece of jewellery - which belonged to Bill Giguere - whilst trekking with a metal detector on a loop trail in New Hampshire.

Bill lost the ring on the same trail, and while Tom was initially pessimistic about finding the ring, they decided to try anyway.

He said: ''I thought, there's no way (anyone will find the ring), it's a 10-mile loop trail.''

Armed with just one clue - that it had been dropped near the north peak - the pair were stunned.

Brendan added: ''It beeped and he's, like, 'I think I found it,' and everybody's like, 'What?' and he just started scratching in the snow. There it was!'''

The duo have since met Bill in person to return his wedding ring.