A hopeful romantic has received a response to the love letter she wrote six years ago.

Softball (c) Twitter

Softball (c) Twitter

Hayley Robbins was just 12 years old when she etched her name and phone number on a softball asking for ''cute guys'' to text her and thew it into the ocean and, although over half a decade has past and she had since forgotten about her cry for love, she was stunned when she received an unexpected message from a man called Adam.

She wrote on Twitter: ''When I went to the beach 6 YEARS AGO I wrote my name & number on a softball & threw it into the ocean & told cute guys to text me & I just got a text about it TONIGHT (sic).''

However, the surprises didn't stop there as Hayley later found out that 'Adam' was actually a 16-year-old girl named Ashley, who subsequently revealed her real name was Kelci.

Despite ultimately being catfished - twice - Hayley and Kelci have remained friends.