Ice Cream Yoga is the latest fitness craze to hit Europe.

Ice Cream Yoga hits Spain

Ice Cream Yoga hits Spain

Gym lovers in Spain got the chance to test out the new trend on the sizzling rooftop of the brand new Generator Madrid accommodation, which opened its doors to the public last month.

An Ice Cream Yoga session simply requires participants to partake in typical poses such as the Downward Facing Dog and Warrior, whilst indulging in a frozen treat.

Esther Trivino, who is well-known for her private yoga classes at Nobu Hotel Ibiza, commented: ''Yoga is about feeling good, feeling happy and slowing down. We've taken a practice that is adored by many and injected an element of indulgence into it.

''We want everyone to have some fun with it and not be put off by the tricky poses. It's made everyone relax and we really hope it catches on!''