A backpacker is facing ''jail'' for misspelling graffiti on an 800-year-old wall in Thaliand.



The 23-year-old holidaymaker, named Lee Furlong, was travelling in Chiang Mai and mis-spelt 'Scouse' on the Thai 'Tha Phae' red-bricked gate.

Lee - who has been dubbed an 'idiot abroad' - spray-painted 'Scousse Lee' on the 13th century wall.

Following the incident, Lee and his accomplice Brittney Schneider - who is from Canada - confessed to the crime and the duo have been told they could face up to 10 years in prison.

Lieutenant Colonel Teerasak Sripraser told the Metro: ''The graffiti says 'Scousse Lee'. This means 'Scouser Lee from Liverpool'.

''The girl is called Brittney and she wrote a letter ''B'' on the wall. Officers investigated the vandalism after it was seen on CCTV cameras.

''The offenders were tracked to a guest house near the same road as the wall. The accused will be investigated and prosecuted according to the law.''