A claim that a South African woman had given birth to a record-breaking 10 babies is not true, an inquiry has found.

A baby

A baby

Gosiame Sithole said earlier this month that she had given birth to decuplets in Pretoria but no hospitals in the Gauteng province have a record of the babies being born.

Medical tests also revealed that Sithole has not been pregnant recently and she is now being held under the mental health act for observation and will be provided with support.

Sithole's partner Tebogo Tsotetsi cast doubt over her claims last week as he said that he had been unable to verify that the births had taken place.

A statement issued on his behalf said: "Tebogo confirmed that he has not seen the decuplets and relied on his girlfriend who called to inform him of their birth. He made several attempts to visit his girlfriend and the babies but she has failed to disclose her whereabouts and the condition of their babies."