Sir Isaac Newton suggested toad vomit could be used to cure plague.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

The famed scientist once pondered on blending powdered toad with toad vomit to create ''lozenges'', according to previously unpublished notes.

Newton wrote that the amphibian should be ''suspended by the legs in a chimney for three days''.

He added that ''combining powdered toad with the excretions and serum made into lozenges and worn about the affected area drove away the contagion and drew out the poison''.

The 17th-century notes are set to go up for auction online this week and is a rare chance to read Newton's theories.

Bonham's auction house book specialist, Darren Sutherland, said: ''Newton's running notes represent the only significant writings on the subject by the world's greatest scientific mind that we have been able to trace.''