A Japanese pensioner hails a fish as his best friend.

Male credits fish as best friend

Male credits fish as best friend

The 79-year-old male, named Hiroyuki Arakawa, has been visiting an Asian sheepshead wrasse, which is also known as a kobudai, named Yoriko for the last 30 years after he ''saved'' her life.

The male sparked up a friendship with the animal when she was injured and he started feeding Yoriko five crabs for 10 days to help her get back to full health.

Hiroyuki will often visit the animal during his scuba diving sessions, which will see them play together, and share intimate moments with one another.

And Hiroyuki has even got his own signal to alert Yoriko he is nearby, so they can spend some quality time together, which sees Hiroyuki bang on a gong with a hammer to summon the animal.

Speaking about his special bond with Yoriko, he said: ''I guess she knows I saved her when she was badly injured.

''I'm proud of that and have an amazing sense of accomplishment in my heart.''