A landlord moved an entire pub 600 miles to Germany.

A pub

A pub

Property developer Paul Moss moved the pub piece-by-piece from Bridlington in East Yorkshire to the city of Iserlohn, near Dortmund.

Moss has lived in Germany for 25 years and made the decision after missing the atmosphere of a traditional English pub.

He told the Metro newspaper: "Bars over here are modern and clean cut. I missed the atmosphere of an English pub. But there could be no half measures.

"We took everything — even dirty glasses. Now we’re almost there. The last thing will be the old front doors."

Moss hopes to open the pub once coronavirus restrictions are lifted in Germany.

He said: "We were due to open soon but due to a lockdown, similar to England, we have not been able to welcome the public yet.

"The lockdown restrictions run until the beginning of December and we hope to open after the restrictions are lifted. There’s lots of excitement about the place and we can’t wait to get going."