A US lottery jackpot was shared between friends after a handshake dating back to 1992.



Long-time Wisconsin pals Joe Feeney and Tom Cook made a pact nearly 30 years ago that if one of them won the Powerball lottery they would share the winnings.

Tom recently claimed a jackpot of $22 million and will now split it with Joe, who admits he was stunned to hear the news.

Feeney said: ''He called me and I said, 'Are you jerking my bobbler?'''

Wisconsin lottery director Cindy Polzin said in a statement: ''Congratulations to Tom, Joe and their families.

''The power of friendship and a handshake has paid off. I'm thrilled for them. Their lucky day has arrived.''

Tom revealed that he plans to retire after his jackpot success.

He said: ''We can pursue what we feel comfortable with. I can't think of a better way to retire.''