Lucky Voice have launched a drinkable birthday cake.

Lucky Voice launch drinkeable birthday cake

Lucky Voice launch drinkeable birthday cake

The private karaoke company have created the drink to help people celebrate their special day's with a sweet treat.

The drink is made with a mix of seven varieties of Hundreds and Thousands, vodka, amaretto, vanilla syrup, half cream and half milk, which comes shaken and poured over ice, before being topped with lashings of whipped cream and a specially made vodka-infused vanilla cupcake, complete with strawberry icing.

And the barman behind the creation, Thomas Buckley, took the drink to the next level by adding in giant white chocolate buttons on the top, a garnishing of delicious chocolate, strawberry cake pops, and a Birthday candle to finish off the birthday extravaganza.

Guests can celebrate with this sweet treat with a special request in Lucky Voice's Soho, Islington and Brighton bars as well as in their franchises across the UK.