Lydia Bright was camouflaged against the London Eye on Monday (07.11.16).

Lydia Bright gets camouflaged against London Eye

Lydia Bright gets camouflaged against London Eye

The 'Only Way is Essex' beauty spent four hours being painted by renowned camouflage artist Carolyn Roper while freezing in the cold with just a Lycra bodysuit to keep her warm, all to mark the arrival of 'Now You See Me 2' to DVD.

Explaining her reasons for partaking in the shoot, Lydia commented: ''I've always been a fan of magic and tricks of the eye, so when I got asked to be part of creating an illusion I jumped at the chance.''

Referring back to the shoot itself, Lydia said: ''We conducted the shoot first thing in the morning and I had to brave the cold (and the wet paints) in just a one-piece Lycra bodysuit. Luckily the paints washed out of my hair first time round, which is a good thing considering I had to rush off for filming afterwards.''

The vanishing trick plays on Thaddeus Bradley's (Morgan Freeman) statement made in the film when he remarks ''an eye for an eye''.