A male stripper has been accused of stabbing his partner in the eyes with a pen after suspecting he was a cannibal.

Male stripper stabs 'cannibal' partner in eyes

Male stripper stabs 'cannibal' partner in eyes

Justin Calhoun, a 24-year-old exotic dancer from Tampa, Florida, is being held by cops on a murder charge after Mark Brann, 67, was attacked, WTVJ reports.

Calhoun - who claims he was dating Brann, who is 43 years his senior - said in his defence that the latter grabbed a gun after they erupted into a row.

According to the report, Calhoun attempted to shoot Brann with the gun after he swiped the weapon off him, but it failed to fire.

He then reportedly chose to grab the writing tool and shoved it in Brann's eyes, and it's also stated that he placed a piece of wood inside his mouth.

Brann was said to be in a critical condition and taken to a nearby hospital.

Calhoun was cuffed by police who had been called to the property and was arrested a little while later.