Mammoths could be set to be brought back to life.

Woolly Mammoth to become de-extinct?

Woolly Mammoth to become de-extinct?

In a bid to rescue the planet from climate change, scientists have already been looking for ways to de-extinct the Woolly Mammoth.

They think reintroducing them to the Arctic will stop icecaps from melting and releasing toxic gasses into the atmosphere, as it will encourage “rewilding” and cut temperatures down by 10 degrees.

Boffins at Colossal Biosciences, the leading US genetics company, have also considered resurrecting the T-Rex.

CEO Ben Lamm told the Daily Star newspaper: “I believe that the de-extinction technologies and toolkit we are building are applicable to a wide variety of critically endangered species.

“We would look at other species as long as we knew the de-extinction of those species will help degraded ecosystems of the world.”

The Arctic icecaps currently hold majority of the worlds household gasses, but with the ice melting at an alarming rate, large volumes of CO2 and methane are being pumped into the atmosphere accelerating the process of global warming.

Ben added: “Preserving the permafrost us a critical thing for humankind.

“if the permafrost melts we’re in trouble because there’s more carbon and more methane stored in there than anywhere else on the planet. It would be absolutely catastrophic.”