A man has been banned from every ASDA store in the UK after getting into an argument over the price of conditioner.

Man banned from ASDA stores over conditioner argument

Man banned from ASDA stores over conditioner argument

Mulkh Chumber, from Wolstanton in Staffordshire, West Midlands, set out to purchase 10 bottles of Comfort Creations using a coupon he found in a newspaper which had the product priced at a mere £1 per bottle.

However, when he got to the checkout, the till lady said he'd have to pay £2 because it was only at ''selected stores''.

He told the Stoke Sentinel: ''I went to the customer service desk and told one of the workers about this issue and was told they were £2.

''I showed her the advert, which stated they were £1, and she said it was subject to availability, even though the shelves were full.

''Then I was told it was selected stores only. But they could not tell me where the offer was available and I was told I would have to put them back.''

Mr Chumber was then told to put the bottles back and if he didn't leave the shop, they would call the police. Not willing to give up, he refused to leave and ''spent half-an-hour with the police'' explaining himself.

ASDA have now banned Mr Chumber from using any of their nationwide shops because they claim he was ''abusive'' to their staff member, and if he hadn't they would have let him use the coupon.

They told the I newspaper: ''We would have honoured the advertised deal but do not tolerate abusive behaviour towards colleagues.''