A former model claims that he has been able to maintain his six-pack by drinking his own urine.



Troy Casey has maintained an impressive physique into his fifties and he puts it down to drinking his own wee, which he has been doing on a daily basis for the past 17 years.

Casey even goes to the lengths of doing week-long urine fasts and placing aged urine enemas in his rectum.

He has previously modelled for Versace and is now a Life Coach and Healer.

Casey - from Arizona in the United States - said in a recent interview: "Urine therapy is an ancient practice - it just doesn't get talked about a lot. Your own pee is full of amino acids, stem cells and antibodies.

"I drink my own urine every morning - I call it hair of the dog! The feeling is electric.

"Applying aged urine is the fountain of youth and aged urine enemas are one of the ways I got my stomach so flat."