A man has claimed he has been possessed by a spider.

Man possessed by spider demon

Man possessed by spider demon

Gert Brouwer has admitted he was able to see supernatural beings when he was a child, but after being involved in a car crash where he lost his girlfriend, and moving house he had an unusual experience, where he felt an oversized arachnid had attacked him and caused him to stop breathing.

Speaking at the Paraforce UK paranormal convention in Witham, Essex, which has been obtained by the Express Online, he said: ''Aged 11 I would see things, pictures, and told my shrink what would happen in the future.

''[But after the loss] I saw a web coming down with a big spider in it. I put the lights on and there was nothing there. I came home two weeks later and could not breathe anymore. A neighbour was knocking on the door saying 'Gert, Gert, Gert...' she wanted to help me, but I couldn't breathe anymore.

''I had scratches, my brain was not working anymore and I couldn't breathe, so I went to see a shrink.''

However, the male decided to take action and train as an exorcist to prevent being overwhelmed by the ''demon''.

He continued: I changed my stance and had the psychology 'I want to beat you. I want to win this battle.'

''I needed to reschedule my thoughts because I was mixed up with a demon.''

''In 95 percent of possession cases there is no demon involved, it is just the emotions of an entity.''